Labrador, a Reader’s Guide

Robin McGrath
21 December 2023
paperback, 270 pages
5 × 8 in. | 0.575 lb.
$22.95 CAD

Labrador, a Reader’s Guide is a journey through Labrador literature, led by one of its most passionate readers and most prolific reviewers. These pages chart a winding course all the way from the 18th through the 21st centuries, paying visits to authors from Nikashant Antane to Arnold Zageris and everywhere between.

This book about books is at once a joyous celebration of reading and a series of insightful and frank but generous reviews of specific works. It represents the culmination of 25 years of specialization in reading Labrador books, with the understanding of context that only comes from living in Labrador for many years and meeting many of its authors first-hand.

Author Robin McGrath travelled and worked in the Canadian Far North for twenty-five years, and produced numerous books and articles based on her research. She later lived for over a decade in Labrador, where her husband was a Provincial Court judge. Labrador, a Reader’s Guide is her twenty-fifth book.


McGrath’s personal story gives this book a spine.

—Joan Sullivan, The Telegram

A fascinating piece of literary detective work.

—Jean Graham, Northeast Avalon Times