Our Story

We work with records, books, films, and people to make beautiful products and build Northern archives.


Brack and Brine is helmed by Mark David Turner and Morgen Mills. We first started working together as colleagues at the Labrador Institute of Memorial University in Happy Valley-Goose Bay in 2010, focusing on Labrador’s extensive film record. We digitized hundreds of films, established an archive, ran a film screening series called Labrador/ians on Film, and published on aspects of Labrador’s film history.

We launched Brack and Brine in 2021 with the publication of our first book, Labrador Cinema. Building our own company has provided us not only with an opportunity to publish beautiful books that matter to the North, as our motto goes, but also with a foundation for our work together as consultants and community contributors, in the areas of records, media, Northern spaces, and Northern peoples. Our 2023 publication, Remotely Useful: Practical Lessons for Northern Community Archiving emerges from that vision.

Since 2021, we have had the pleasure of working for many Northern-based and Northern-focused organizations, including OKâlaKatiget Society, Them Days, Nunatsiavut Government, Innu Nation, Labrador Campus of Memorial University, and the Inuit Art Foundation, as well as small businesses, non-profit organizations, and independent researchers on records and media-centred projects. We regularly communicate about our work through local, provincial, national, and international events, as well as in media outlets and popular and scholarly publications.

To learn more about us as individuals, visit our personal websites at markdavidturner.com and morgenmills.com.