Second Printing

Books, Labrador Cinema

Thanks to strong demand, the second printing of Labrador Cinema is officially in the works! A big thank you to all of our readers, collaborators, and partners for helping make this happen. We are delighted to be back at the presses.

We are also hard at work behind the scenes on expanding our web presence. While our work across Labrador and the North will always be driven by strong relationships and word of mouth, we are excited to make waves online as well. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, media outlets throughout the province have featured Labrador Cinema, including in several interviews that were later posted online. Check them out if you want to hear more about the book, the project, and how everything has come together.

Labrador Cinema in the press:

  • NQ Online with Joan Sullivan, February 2023 (part 2 here).
  • On the Go with Anthony Germain (CBC radio), 13 December 2022.
  • Labrador Morning with Janice Goudie (CBC radio), 27 September 2022.
  • Here and Now with Rafsan Faruque Jugol (CBC television soundbite), 14 October 2022.