Labrador, A Reader’s Guide


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We are delighted to announce the publication of Labrador, a Reader’s Guide, by Robin McGrath.

Welcome to the wide world of Labrador books: a landscape well-beloved by many but little-known to many more. Labrador, A Reader’s Guide offers reviews and essays on all genres, from novels and memoirs to poetry and diaries.  You could ask for no better guide for your first expedition into Labrador literature than Robin McGrath, and the long-time reader could have no more ideal companion on the trail.  Robin has been reading Labrador books for 50 years and publishing generous and forthright reviews for more than two decades.  She has also written three books on Labrador topics, and Labrador, a Reader’s Guide is her twenty-fifth title overall.  She is one of our province’s literary lights, always insightful and engaging, and her prose is never to be missed.

Our second book continues Brack and Brine’s celebration of Labrador culture, shifting focus from the screen to the page. It also continues our relationship with design firm Perfect Day, with credit to Vanessa Iddon for help with the gorgeous cover.  Thanks also to Martha MacDonald for her sensitive readership.  As a student of Labrador literature, publishing editor Morgen Mills could not be happier to bring this book to press.

A New Partnership

We are also pleased and proud to announce a brand new partnership with Memorial University Press.  MUPress is the new, non-exclusive distributor for all Brack and Brine titles, which means that books like Labrador, a Reader’s Guide and Labrador Cinema are now available to order on the MUPress website and will soon be making their way to your favourite online retailers and physical booksellers.

Many thanks to managing editor Alison Carr and sales/marketing guru Randy Drover for making this happen.  From our point of view, it’s a perfect fit, since we have so many readers in common, as well as shared values around the importance of high-quality content with a wide public appeal.

Brack and Brine remains a proudly independent, commercial publisher. Never fear! This agreement will help us to make our books more widely available, but it will not affect the books we choose to publish, nor how we publish them.